Awesome Interview with Robert Kalil on his Typical Skeptic Podcast! The show was live on YouTube but was too controversial and was taken down. We had a lot of awesome comments from the audience but was deleted.
But Rob uploaded it to Rumble and Rokfin. Covered the Fire Industrial Complex, 911, War on Drugs, some of my UFO encounters, Hollow Earth, Trump Psyop, and my upcoming 2nd book in A Patriots Rebirth series.
Rob has a large audience and awesome guests! I think his show is much better than Infowars and covers a wide range of topics! I’d recommend subscribing to his channels!……/Wildfire-Conspiracy-DEWs-911…
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Sunday 4/17/23 RRP/Reestablishing the States Round Table Discussion
Podcast Overview

Reestablishment of States by Deceleration
John Ainsworth of NC
Powerful videos on the introduction of reestablishing the states to there proper function before 1867-1868. Before the Reconstruction Acts of 1867, the people were considered State Citizens. Not anymore, now we are considered NATIONAL CITIZENS to the U.S. Corporation. The 14th amendment was an unconstitutional addition to the constitution that gave congress too much power.
Please support John Ainsworth work and join the fight to re-establish your state.
RRP Remonstrance Redress Petition
John Gentry of TN
John Gentry is passionate about resurrecting an old tool that was long forgotten about known as, Remonstrous Redress Petition(RRP). Has anyone here heard of this? In fact he has had a board 12 corrupt judges removed successfully by using this tool. But he’s only a one man show and needs mass support. Many people know the first amendment is for free speech but they forget it also says, “right to petition”. To be orally heard by the courts and to address grievances by submitting a RRP NOT to be mistaken with moronic public protest that is ignored and laughed at by the court members. We need to restore this tool to the people. This tool can be used for lots of issues like judge term limits, election integrity, defunding the forestry service for controlled burns in the summer, unlawful permits, etc.
We are currently trying to gather people in my local town to teach this tool to and spread the word through social media and other places on the internet. If enough people storm in mass numbers by overwhelming them with RRP’s, much greater progress can be made. At the very least this tool could clearly show if the courts deny this right, the public can clearly have a provable viable record; the courts are in fact corrupt. The next step would be finding out if your local sheriff is a constitutional Sheriff by asking them to take a constitutional sheriff questionnaire. We have the PDF of it, don’t hesitate to pm us. Then it may be possible for the sheriff to make the arrest that the people’s rights have fact been violated with and present a legal RRP court document in the arrest defense. Basically we want to rip them from the inside out, by becoming educated with the legal terms and tools they use to enslave us. Think of it sorta like a Declaration of Independence.
Solutions to restore the Republic

Me on Infowars Sunday Night Live 4/17/22 talking about my new book, A Patriot’s Rebirth

Had an awesome podcast interview with Jeremiah Dorph yesterday host of, What if They’re Wrong? This was my 2nd podcast so it was a little all over the place but lots of good topics were discussed!
You do NOT need a subscription to watch this and free to listen to.
Unknown Stories of History with KWH Olin
Listen to this episode from What if They’re Wrong? on Spotify. In this episode, we discuss figures and events you won’t learn about at your local high school or University. We talk about how the Illuminati and the Freemasons are hiding in the shadows controlling what happens in the world. From his l…

A Patriot’s Rebirth Episode 239

A summer interview with Michael Tsarion and David Whitehead about my book A Patriot’s Rebirth. Much thanks to!