Nano Particle Spraying Increases Demand for Cooperative Farming

K.W.H. 11/6/21

Soon the ACS (American Chemical Society) will be requiring all food and products to be sprayed with nanoparticles. Supposedly for food safety to detect hazardous substances. This will enable governments to track everything and map your entire body. The food supply is already contaminated with GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals that negatively affect our health; but now with the implementation of nanoparticle spraying the problem is much worse. The alternative is cooperative farming or a way to detox these harmful particles from the body. Greenhouses with air filters could be used to protect outdoor crops from chemtrail spraying or recently cleverly renamed ‘Geoengineering’ by billionaire Bill Gates. Once a conspiracy now an admitted fact. Cooperative farming is where a community of people come together and combine their incomes to run a small farm. The idea was very popular in the 1960s but is coming back into the light in the last decade. We must seek alternatives and come together as a local community or all our health will suffer in the future. The pesticide and synthetic fertilizer industries have brainwashed the general public that pesticides must be used to grow a good crop but this is very far from the truth. Many organic farmers have proved you can grow healthy food without using harmful pesticides. It’s time for the people to demand safe food and water. Cooperative farming is also useful for farming cattle and takes the expense off one person. Each person can own a cattle or a portion of it. There will be a day where people will no longer be able to go to the grocery store, especially in the age of the covid-19 hoax. Co-ops would be a safe alternative and backup that could still run without the need for government.


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