The Five Requirements to Become a Kalki Man

The Kalki man who mounts the white horse must have these five requirements and characteristics,

1. Must be a sovereign man that protects the moral constitution to stand Independent in the world and lives by his will and by his word of honor. A healthy dominance that is very different than dominance used by the psychopathic puppet masters. While the Kalki man does everything he can to protect his family and friends, he knows if he does not live life up to his own sovereign being, the system in result will not provide the proper foundation for the family to form and thrive.

2. Respects all races and their own unique abilities but also has pride in his own race as well. For he knows he can only serve the general good of all races, if he preserves the goodness in his own race. He has self-love for himself and the people he chooses to be around him, who mirror his values and characteristics.

3. He must be an active agent in present history and have a historical perspective very different from the general public. A Kalki man does not just study history he discerns which historical narratives are lies and what are facts. If he finds it does not sit right in his gut or goes against common sense he digs further. He is a very suspicious man at his core. He must know who is his REAL enemy by carefully studying history so he is not miss led to slaughter the wrong people like so many times in the past.

4. He must be willing to kill going way beyond self-defense but does not harm the innocent. He knows he must become the superior predator to restore order from the psychopathic predators. But he does not exercise morbido recklessly, especially on innocence. This is what makes him different and superior to the psychopathic predator. For this common misunderstanding, he is the most misunderstood and demonized avatar in history. If an authority figure or government prevents a Kalki man from exercising his freedom to do as he wishes as long he does not harm others. A Kalki man, as a result can deter, but if that is not possible, in extreme cases he may not hesitate to kill to defend that freedom. If violence is not possible, he may channel his energy into a magical image as a weapon, like a book or other artistic works.

5. A Kalki man seeks his own kind that fits the warrior class values and characteristics and forms a community so his people can thrive.

**I was inspired to write this article after watching a video about the Kalki Avatar from John Lamb Lash. I would love to do a podcast with this guy! This gave me goosebumps down my spine! This is exactly the energy I feel within myself and this guy nailed it in this video.**


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