Legend: The Light/Dark Concept of Balance

Many people and religions do not promote balance when it comes to the light/dark aspect of life. In the movie Legend, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom cruise it tried to explain this unbalance. But the theme is also present in today and the ancient world. The Atonists were present in ancient Egypt and only worshipped the sun and desired it to be day all the time. Some Lunar cults were the opposite and only wanted the night, equally psychotic.

Both were unbalanced. In the movie Legend, the dark world and the light world are divided equally in harmony. Until the Satan character wants to cross that line and bring darkness to the whole world completely extinguishing the light. But he comes to a realization towards the end that he also needs it.

In our present time, we live in this unbalance. This time Dark forces have crossed the line of this fragile equity. In past times it might have been reversed where light dominated dark.

Say death was not possible at this time. Only births and no deaths. Eventually, a planet would become truly overpopulated and the whole world would suffer starvation. And at a certain point, the universe would also meet this fate, if there was no death. That is where the dark comes in, again if in balance. The old die to make room for the young and fertilize the soil for new life to thrive. The dark/evil in its true form has a purpose to punish truly evil people. So, in the next life, they may learn not to repeat the same crimes. But in our present time evil is not going after just evil people, it’s also crossing the line into killing innocents. This, is again an unbalance.

You also can see this in a microcosm of the general public, many people are totally ok with a sunny warm day all year long, think Southern CA. When there’s one rainy day, they become depressed. Then of course theirs the opposites who would like it rainy and cloudy all the time, think Seattle, Washington.

One must ask themselves, will this planet ever become truly balanced again? Will justice be applied to truly evil people and not innocents? Will the dark beings understand their true purpose? Will the Light beings understand that these dark beings also have a function if they respect the boundaries of innocents?

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