Solutions to the Problems of the World

An excerpt from my book, A Patriot’s Rebirth…Names of modern people were changed for LEGAL reasons.

“Many of us talk about the problems in the world but rarely give solutions. Here are some ways to fix them:

1. Pollution: Replace all plastic-based oil products with biodegradable hemp plastic. Stop drilling for oil and use alternative power, like hydrogen and magnetic power plants. Offer the workers who lose their jobs from the oil industry the option to be re-trained in the new power plants and be hired to new energy industries. Stop using unnatural and harmful pesticides.

2. CO2 Scam: Educate the people, while there is REAL pollution to be concerned about, like oil spills, chemical runoff, pesticides, and heavy metals. Taxing CO2, that all living things breathe out, is only a scam that elites have created to make money off of. Never interested about solving the real pollution problem. Expose the hypocrisy of letting other countries like China being able to build more and allowed a higher CO2 output. Expose corrupt politicians like Al Pat and Hollywood stars that preach this scam, their hypocrisy of using more energy than they need on large mansions, private jets, huge yachts, etc. Explain that the sun’s solar flares and increased activity is the main driver in global warming. Expose that the United States in the past tested a nuclear bomb in the upper atmosphere causing a hole in the ozone layer later blamed on CO2 pollution. Explain to people the psychosis of attacking CO2 when trees actually release it at night.

3. Depleting the Earth’s Resources: Re-engineer the model for economies around the world by surveying how much actual raw materials are available on the Earth. Then determine the worth of a country by how much actual trees, raw minerals, and water exist, and form a formula to calculate how much resources that a country can use in a given year. Recycle all products people usually throw in the landfills, like electronics, and break down and separate the materials to be re-used in newer technology. Once again, use hemp for paper, house building, toilet paper, paper plates, etc. So, trees don’t have to be cut down. If some trees do need to be cut, make a law that whoever cuts them down must plant a new tree to replace the old.

4. Diseases & Health: Require all doctors to do strict mandatory full blood testing for nutrients and micronutrient deficiencies before ever recommending dangerous pharmaceuticals. Encourage exercise and good eating habits. Recommend organic foods and staying away from pesticides and GMOs. Recommend herbs and natural plants first before sticking people on pharmaceuticals. Encourage good hygiene and sanitation to cut the risk of disease.

5. Food Shortages: Make a model for every town and city to determine how many local farms are needed to support the population. Also, determine what kinds of food can be grown determined by the climate. Only import foods that can’t be grown in those areas. This will also cut down on how many trucks are on the road shipping products across the country. Also, encourage people that have their own land to grow their own food. Provide education in school on how to grow gardens, harvest/process.

6. GMOs: Educate everyone on which companies refuse to use organics and instead use GMO products. Boycott these companies and start buying from organic companies to replace them. Fix the ridiculous organic licensing fees to make organics cheaper. Like so many European countries, ban GMOs and make them illegal. Ban harmful pesticides and educate farmers on other natural methods that are not harmful to humans and animals.

7. The Banking Empire: Audit and remove the Federal Reserve to sever control from the banking families influence on our money supply. Make them pay for all the wars they influenced over the past 200 years and strip them of their wealth. Conduct Nuremberg trials and prosecute them for their crimes against humanity. Educate people on real wealth like physical resources. For example, raw materials, land, water, and food. Never allow private banks in the country, especially if they refuse to be audited.

8. Roads: Form a letter-grade state system based on conditions of roads A-F. The roads will be surveyed once a month for how many potholes and other stages of deterioration are present. If the state government does not fix these in a fair amount of time, the people’s registration fees and damage caused by potholes will be required to be paid by the state government. They will also receive a letter grade and that will determine how much people will be required to pay for registration every year. To avoid mixing big trucks with small cars, roads will be designed to be a two-level system. Cars will be on the second level; trucks will be on the first level. This will avoid collisions and accidents with small vehicles and large vehicles.”(A Patriot’s Rebirth: Unabridged Edition, pg. 181-184)


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