Gnostic History and Beliefs on the Origin of Good/Evil

Gnosticism existed well before the formation of Christianity, at least a more ancient form known as Pagan Gnosticism.
Unlike other sects of the Christian religion that takes the bible literally and Jesus to be the son of God, the Gnostic’s believed Jesus was an archetype for any human to become. This belief probably inspired Christian sects like the Mormons. Which also believe they can become their own demigod like Jesus.  The Gnostics did not take the bible literally but instead interpreted the scripture Astro-Theologically, much like the druids and other pagans interpreted this energy in the past.

The Gnostics also have another interpretation on the origins of good/evil, Good is attributed with the REAL God energy force of the universe. Spiritual energy that flows through every living thing. Pure energy with low density and no end. Evil was created after to pervert the spiritual energy body by creating an unholy copy of it, that would become dense matter or flesh. In this form, death was possible and the lower karmic desires were created.

In the 1100s AD the church initiated the Albigensian crusade to hunt down and massacre millions of Cathars or AKA Gnostics. They wanted the people to take the bible literally so they may look up to whatever idol or leader the church chose, rather than looking for the answer within themselves. For many centuries the Gnostic teachings were forgotten and buried. Until 1945 when the Nag Hammadi Library was discovered, 52 ancient gnostic scrolls to be exact. 

“In 1139 the Church began calling councils to condemn the Cathars and all who supported them. By 1179 Alexander III proclaimed a crusade against these enemies of the Church promising two years’ indulgence, or freedom from punishment for sins, to all who would take up arms, and eternal salvation for any who should die……The savagery of the thirty-year-long attack decimated Langedoc. At the Cathedral of St. Nazair alone 12,000 people were killed. Bishop Folque of Toulouse put to death 10,000. When the crusaders fell upon the town of Beziers and the commanding legate, Arnaud, was asked how to distinguish Catholic from Cathar, he replied, “Kill them all, for God knows his own!”  Not a child was spared. The Albigensian crusade killed an estimated one million people, not only Cathars but much of the population of southern France.”

Hellen Ellerbe(Dark Side of Christian History)

Interestingly in these scrolls, they have another interpretation of Lucifer. Unlike most sects of Christians, the Gnostics believed Lucifer did not rebel against the original creator or the god energy force, he rebelled against an abomination that was mistakenly created by Sophia and her mate known as, ‘Yaldabaoth.’ Yaldabaoth acted like the creator god source but was far from it. It possessed an ego like a human and a need to be worshipped.

Possibly an alien acting like God, not the true creator source?  It’s believed to be responsible for creating death, fear, and hatred. This begs the question: is Lucifer really evil to not want to bow down to something that was mimicking the REAL creator force? Is his only crime wanting to be treated as an equal to this possible alien god, Yaldabaoth or also known as, ‘Yahweh’ in the Old Testament?


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